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Zendesk Delete Article

Delete article.

Zendesk Get Article

Get article.

Zendesk Update Article

Update article.

Zendesk Get Cases

Get cases.

Zendesk Get Case

Get case.

Zendesk Update Case

Update case.

Zendesk Get Customers

Get customers.

Zendesk Create Customer

Create customer.

Zendesk Create Customer Email

Create customer email.

Zendesk Update Customer Email

Update customer email.

Zendesk Create Customer Phone

Create customer phone.

Zendesk Update Customer Phone

Update customer phone.

Zendesk Get Customer

Get customer.

Zendesk Update Customer

Update customer.

Zendesk Get Groups

Get groups.

Zendesk Get Group

Get group.

Zendesk Get Interactions

Get interactions.

Zendesk Create Interaction

Create interaction.

Zendesk Get Macros

Get macros.

Zendesk Create Macro

Create macro.

Zendesk Delete Macro

Delete macro.

Zendesk Get Macro

Get macro.

Zendesk Update Macro

Update macro.

Zendesk Get Macro Actions

Get macro actions.

Zendesk Get Macro Action

Get macro action.

Zendesk Update Macro Action

Update macro action.

Zendesk createTicket

Create Ticket

Zendesk Get Topics

Get topics.

Zendesk Create Topic

Create topic.

Zendesk Delete Topic

Delete topic.

Zendesk Get Topic

Get topic.

Zendesk Update Topic

Update topic.

Zendesk Get Topic Articles

Get topic articles.

Zendesk Create Topic Article

Create topic article.

Zendesk Get Users

Get users.

Zendesk Get User

Get user.

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